Course Syllabus
Course Name Text Processing for Translators
Category IT Competence
Year Taken First or Second Year
Offered Major/ Type of Course All Majors / Elective
Number of Classes 4
No. of Credit 1
Professor Seichi Komuro

Professor Profile:
Graduated from Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, English Department
In 1976. Worked at a travel agency. Joined Japan Translators Training Center (Former name of Babel) in 1987. Since 1989, worked as Translation Business manager, Translation Business Promotion manager, Information Technology manager. Engaged in distance education since 1990. Instructor of Building Homepage course and Machine Translation course since 2000,and eTechnology manager since 2006. Presiding Babel MT (Machine Translation) Institute. Wrote many articles on information technology for translation.
Course Summary Create translation files and user dictionaries using translated document files and text data on websites. Learn techniques to search for words in the created “Personal Dictionary” and make changes to electronic dictionaries with the use of “EB Studio”.
How this course was developed In the mid 1980's computer based translation (machine translation) was first introduced, and throughout the 1990's other computer based translation tools continued to improve. Therefore, Babel set up the MT research council in order to use of personal computers as a powerful tool for translation specialists. In the late 1990's, Babel introduced eTrans Technology School in order to train students how to better use computer technology, and create both glossaries and parallel text translations, etc. This course has since been adapted for Babel University Professional School of Translation's online distance learning program. This course was first offered online in 2009 and is updated annually. This course was last revised in 2011.
Course Objective Have students obtain skills to quickly create user dictionaries and parallel facing page translation files useful for translation. Accomplished by teaching how to process basic texts and preparing students to fully use translation software.
Learning Outcome  Students who have successfully completed this course will be prepared to use translation assistance tools and to create user dictionaries and parallel facing page translation files promptly.
Course Progression 1. Check and install any necessary software.
- Inquire on “Q&A Bulletin Board” if students have any questions.
2. Fill in the PC skill check form and submit.
3. Check basic operation and settings for your PC in “Preparation”.
4. Enter the lecture rooms for each lecture from the curriculum table.
- Study following the instructions.
- If you have any questions, use the bulletin board in the lecture pages.
5. Submit assignments using “Assignment Submission Form”.
6. Review thoroughly after evaluation sheets and comment files are sent back via email.
Deliverable( Course Text, etc) Core material and workbooks: original textbook
Videos for operation instruction (FLASH)
* Authored originally by Professor for this course. Copyrighted by Babel University Professional School of Translation.
* Revised in November 2012
Software Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) is a must
Text Editor, dictionary search software (freeware, shareware), etc.
Course Outline Lecture 1: Collecting Material
  • File format and management, analysis of original documents
Lecture 2: Text Adjustment
  • Technique for text adjustment, Word, how to use the text editor
Lecture 3: Creating Translation Files
  • Effectively creating and using translated document collection
Lecture 4: Creating Glossary
  • Effectively creating and using glossaries
Grade Evaluation and Course Requirement Assignments for all 4 lectures are required.

There will be no final exam for this course.
Grades will be evaluated on the scores of the assignments from grades A to F.
Grade Score
A 85 - 100
B 70 - 84
C 60 - 69
D 50 - 59
F 49 and under
Submission papers will be returned with the evaluation sheet, which states evaluation marking and comments as well as corrections with rubrics.

*Minimum Course Requirement: B or above
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Revised in November 2012