Course Syllabus
Course Name Literature I-(2) Fiction and non-fiction (E-J) (Course No:51004)
Category Expert Competence
Year Taken First or Second Year
Offered Major/ Type of Course Major 1 / Elective
Number of Credit 2
Number of Classes 16
Professor Yuko Kondo

Email address: yuko.k@babel.edu

Course Description Become familiar with translating various genres of writing.
Course Policy

Attendance : Enter the course with password.

Netiquette: Refer to the Netiquette Policy in the Student Handbook.

Student with special needs: Refer to the Students with Disabilities and Accommodation Policy in the Student Handbook.

Academic Honesty: Refer to the Student integrity and Academic Honesty Policy in the Student Handbook.

Honor Code: Refer to the Honor Code Policy in the Student Handbook.

Course Objective(Goal) Obtain expression technique of target language (Japanese) which is fit source language (English) through various and wide genre of fictions and non-fictions including novel, autobiography, essay, column, criticism and articles.
Learning Outcome  Accurately write target language (Japanese) text, being careful to preserve the style and idioms found in the source language (English) text. Translate at a speed of 250 words (source language) per hour.
Course Organization Study basic learning materials
Answer practice exercises
Compare answer with sample translation
Listen to audio lectures
Submit homework assignments
Deliverables (Course Text, etc.) Excerpts from theses, short stories, essays, autobiographies, music, columns, magazine articles, reviews, etc.
*Authored originally by the Professor. Copyrighted by Babel University Professional School of Translation
*Revised in November 2012
Course Outline Lecture 1: Thesis
Lecture 2: Short Story I
Lecture 2: Short Story I
Lecture 4: Essay
Lecture 5: Short Story
Lecture 6: Autobiography
Lecture 7: Music (Non-fiction)
Lecture 8: Column
Lecture 9: Essay
Lecture 10: Essay
Lecture 11: Short Story I
Lecture 12: Short Story II
Lecture 13: Magazine Article
Lecture 14: Novel
Lecture 15: Essay
Lecture 16: Ballet Criticism
Grade Evaluation and Course Requirement 1. Assignments (All assignments must be submitted)
2. Final Exam (Minimum Course Requirement: B or above)
Grade Score
A 85 - 100
B 70 - 84
C 60 - 69
D 50 - 59
F 49 and under
Submission papers will be returned with the evaluation sheet, which states evaluation marking and comments as well as corrections with rubrics.

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