Course Syllabus
Course Name Translating Informational Texts (E-J) (Course No:52012)
Category Expert Competence
Year Taken First or Second Year
Offered Major/ Type of Course Major 1 / Elective
Number of Credit 2
Number of Classes 16

Akio Kobayashi
Email address: akio.k@babel.edu

Course Description Using non-fiction material, which has the highest demand in translation, analyze from various aspects of translation.
Course Policy

Attendance: Enter the course with password.
Netiquette: Refer to the Netiquette Policy in the Student Handbook.
Student with special needs: Refer to the Students with Disabilities and Accommodation Policy in the Student Handbook.
Academic Honesty: Refer to the Student integrity and Academic Honesty Policy in the Student Handbook.
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Course Objective (Goal) Learn non-fiction translation through translating various sentence styles.
Learning Outcome  Translate idiomatically and comprehensively various sentences and texts, focusing on non-fiction and general education books. Translate at a speed of 250 words per hour (source language).
Course Progression  Prepare your own translation
Listen to audio lectures
Self-evaluate own translation using sample translation
Submit assignment
Deliverable (Course Text) The English: A Portrait of a People by Jeremy Paxman
*Edited and authored by Professor
*Revised in November 2012
Course Outline Lecture 1: Basics to Translation (1)
Importance of understanding English sentences (word and context)
Lecture 2: Basics to Translation (2)
Natural and clear translation (equivalencies and rhythm)
Lecture 3: Basics to Non-fiction Translation (1)
Grasping distinctive features to a writing
Lecture 4: Basics to Non-fiction Translation (2)
Deciding style of translation
Lecture 5: Basics to Non-fiction Translation (3)
Lecture 6: Basics to Non-fiction Translation (4)
Polishing the translation
Lecture 7: Genre of Non-fiction (1)
Accurately translating the fact
Lecture 8: Genre of Non-fiction (2)
Accurately translating the fact
Lecture 9: Genre of Non-fiction (3)
Translating argument appropriately
Lecture 10: Genre of Non-fiction (4)
Translating author’s breath (idea)
Lecture 11: Genre of Non-fiction (5)
Translating author’s breathe (idea)
Lecture 12: Genre of Non-fiction (6)
Translating author’s breathe (idea)
Lecture 13: Completing a Translation (1)
Degree of adding and supplementing
Lecture 14: Completing a Translation (2)
Arranging the sentence
Lecture 15: Defining the Difference between Fiction and Non-fiction
Lecture 16: Review
Grade Evaluation and Course Requirement 1. Assignments (All assignments must be submitted)
2. Final Exam (Minimum Course Requirement: B or above)
Grade Score
A 85 - 100
B 70 - 84
C 60 - 69
D 50 - 59
F 49 and under
Submission papers will be returned with the evaluation sheet, which states evaluation marking and comments as well as corrections with rubrics.
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