Course Syllabus
Course Name International Transactions Law (Course No.52044)
Category Expert Competence
Year Taken First or Second Year
Offered Major/ Type of Course Major 4 / Elective
Number of Classes 16
Number of Credits 2
Professor Yoshihide Kono
Email address : yoshihide.k@babel.edu
Course Description Details on the legal aspect of various international trades.
Course Policy

Attendance : Enter the course with password.
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Course Objective (Goal) Learn the international transaction laws through treaties, model laws, and major countries laws.
Learning Outcome  Demonstrate increased translation accuracy for legal documents by understanding international trade and transaction law..
Course Progression 1. Read lecture notes and listen to audio lecture
2. Read core course material and supplements
3. Submit assignment
Deliverables (Course Text etc.) Basic textbook
Details of each lecture are described in the basic textbook. Japanese and English versions of the treaty, law, or regulation are written in the supplement.   
Exercise Workbook
Practice questions are set for each lecture. Use of the supplement for self-study is recommended by reading and understanding the English documents.
* Authored originally by Professor for this course. Copyrighted by Babel University Professional School of Translation.
*Revised in November 2012
Course Outline 16 lectures reading English documents and preparing written assignments

Lecture 1 International Trial and American Jury System
Lecture 2 International Civil Suit
Lecture 3 Arbitration
-Supplement (Japanese-English): 1. ‘New York Treaty for the Execution of Foreign Arbitration’, 2. ‘UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules’, 3. ‘UNCITRAL International Arbitration Model Law’
Lecture 4 International Business and Contract I(Contract, Conclusion, and Defect)
-Supplement (Japanese-English): ‘UCC Trade’
Lecture 5 International Business and Contract II (Violation Remedy, Plea, and Punitive Damage)
-Supplement (Japanese-English): ‘Vienna Treaty for International Goods Trade’
Lecture 6 International Business and Intellectual Property I(Patent Right etc)
-Supplement (Japanese-English): ‘Paris Convention for Industrial Property Protection’
Lecture 7 International Business and Intellectual Property II(Copyright etc)
-Supplement (Japanese-English): ‘Berne Convention’
Lecture 8 World Trade Organization
-Supplement (Japanese-English): ‘Marrakesh Agreement’
Lecture 9 Antidumping Agreement and Safeguard Agreement (WTO, US, EU)
-Supplement (Japanese-English): ‘Antidumping Agreement and Safeguard Agreement’
Lecture 10 US Antimonopoly Law -Supplement (Japanese-English): ‘Sherman Act’ and ‘Clayton Act’
Lecture 11 Japan and EU Antimonopoly Law
Lecture 12 International Business and Product Liability Law
Lecture 13 L/C and Bill of Landing, World Legal Structure
-Supplement (Japanese-English): 1. ‘ICC Documentary Credit Rule’, 2. ‘UCC L/C’
Lecture 14 Incoterms (International Terms and Conditions)
-Supplement (Japanese-English): 1. ‘ICC Incoterms’, 2. ‘Geneva Convention for Substitution on International Goods Trade’, 3. ‘Hamburg Treaty for Marine Transportation of Goods’
Lecture 15 Tax Treaty, Transfer Pricing Taxation, Undercapitalized Taxation
-Supplement (Japanese-English): 1. Japan-U.S. Tax Treaty, 2. OECD Model Tax Treaty
Lecture 16 Chinese Enterprise-Supplement (Japanese-English): 1. ‘Japan-China Electronic Trade Investment Protection Agreement’,
2. ‘UNCITRAL Model Law on International Credit Transfers’
Grade Evaluation and Course Requirement 1. Assignments (All assignments must be submitted)
2. Final Exam (Minimum Course Requirement: B or above)
Grade Score
A 85 - 100
B 70 - 84
C 60 - 69
D 50 - 59
F 49 and under
Submission papers will be returned with the evaluation sheet, which states evaluation marking and comments as well as corrections with rubrics.

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