Course Syllabus
Course Name Translating Romance Novels  (E-J) (Course No:52014 Acronym : LT )
Category Expert Competence
Year to be taken First or Second Year
Offered Major/ Type of Course Major 1 / Elective
Number of Classes 16
Number of Credit 2

Machiko Kobayashi
Email address: machiko.k@babel.edu

Course Description Practice translating enjoyable romance novels by introducing different views and discussing various expression methods.
Course Policy

Attendance : Enter the course with password.
Netiquette: Refer to the Netiquette Policy in the Student Handbook.
Student with special needs: Refer to the Students with Disabilities and Accommodation Policy in the Student Handbook.
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Course Objective (Goal) Learn translation techniques for romance novels including choices of words and rhythm in order to read pleasantly.
 Learning Outcome Accurately translated sentences and texts using idiomatic translation - essential for romance novels - of romance genre literature. Translate at a speed of 250 words per hour (source language).
Course Progression

Read through the course materials, the text and the formatting style for textbook and other printed materials,, and write/submit a 1600-1700 letter synopsis in Japanese.
Write a translation for the text.
Compare with translated sample and go over the mistakes
Listen to audio lecture
Using professor's sample translations, mark your answers.
Submit assignment within 5 days after leaning each lesson.
Assignment instructions: Submit assignment within 5 days after learning each lesson.
Assignment Guidelines: Submit assignment by sending it to the submission box of the Moodle.

Deliverables (Course Text, etc) Sarah's Sin by Tami Hoag
Course Text
*Authored originally by Professor. Copyrighted by Babel University Professional School of Translation.
* Revised in November 2012
Course Outline Lecture 1: Opening Sentences and Describing Situation
Lecture 2: Translating Metaphor
Lecture 3: Portraying the Character -- Changes in Sarah’s Emotions
Lecture 4: Conversation, Humor etc.
Lecture 5: Changes in Matt’s Emotions
Lecture 6: Describing the Interior
Lecture 7: Translating at a Fast Tempo
Lecture 8: Describing Scenery
Lecture 9: Humorous Conversation and Atmosphere
Lecture 10: Love
Lecture 11: Love
Lecture 12: Sarah’s Psychology
Lecture 13: Serious Conversation between Matt and Julia
Lecture 14: Speech with Anger
Lecture 15: Describing Fragile Love and Truth
Lecture 16: Love with a Degree of Ephemera
Grade Evaluation and Course Requirement 1. Assignments (All assignments must be submitted)
2. Final Exam (Minimum Course Requirement: B or above)
Grade Score
A 85 - 100
B 70 - 84
C 60 - 69
D 50 - 59
F 49 and under
Submission papers will be returned with the evaluation sheet, which states evaluation marking and comments as well as corrections with rubrics.

Basis of Standards   The description in this syllabus is based on the standards of Babel University
Professional School of Translation and Distance Education Accrediting Commission(DEAC).
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Revised in August 2017